FAQ: #2 - Pre-squadding

One of the unique characteristics of the SBTL is that almost 95% of all shooters that shoot each month are pre-squaded. Shooters are strongly encouraged to pre-squad because it significantly improves the speed of their registration for each shoot. If a shooter is pre-squaded they can skip the squadding and handicapping steps and go directly to the cashier.

The Pre-squad List screen is where the shooter looks to see where they are premanently squaded. This list will NOT show temporary changes that happen at each shoot.

Unless a shooter shoots well enough to shoot themselves off of their squad, the SBTL allows that shooter to shoot the same post/squad for the entire season.

IMPORTANT: If you cannot attend a shoot, please call us at (408) 409-6103.

The SBTL current Pre-squad List can be found here.