The South Bay Trap League

Established during the 1960's, the South Bay Trap League (SBTL) has served the trap shooting community in the Southern San Francisco Bay Area with a high quality league-oriented competitive shooting environment.

The SBTL rules are based primarily on the rule set from the Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) and customized to provide for greater individual and team accomplishment. The SBTL organizes and manages nine (9) tournaments at our member clubs throughout each calendar year.

The SBTL Mission

  • To promote the sport of trapshooting.
  • To promote a first level of competition.
  • To provide organization, trophies and advertising to enable local clubs to hold profitable tournaments.

The 2019 SBTL Schedule

Date Location Date Location
Feb 9 Newman Jun 1 Sunnyvale
Mar 9 Livermore Jul 13 Livermore
Apr 13 Sunnyvale Aug 3 Newman
May 4 Newman Sep 14 Sunnyvale


October 12, 2019 - Livermore

The SBTL is a Not for Profit Organization.