FAQ: #9 - Year-End Awards

During an SBTL season, all participants compete for the Year-End Awards. The year-end class and yardage group is determined by the first class and yardage group that the participant shoots in each season.

For Singles and Doubles Events, each shooter's top five (5) regular season scores are totalled and ranked against his/her fellow shooters.

For the Handicap Event, each shooter's top five (5) regular season scores are totalled. A sixth score that can either be the next highest regular season score or one-half (1/2) of the handicap score shot at the Grand (whichever is higher), is added to create a final total. The Handicap Total Season Score is then ranked against his/her fellow shooters.

Just like with regular season trophies, participants are only permitted to win a single Year-End Award. Trophies awarded in the following manner:

  1. High Over All
  2. Handcap Champion by Yardage Group
  3. Doubles Champion by Class
  4. Singles Champion by Class
  5. High Category by Group

Nineteen (19) trophies are awarded at the end of each season. Historically the SBTL provides Sterling Silver Coin Buckles from Cust-M-Bilt Buckles as trophies for HOA, Handicap, Doubles, and Singles. Engraved plaques are provided for High and Runner-up Teams. There are no Category trophies provided at the Year-End.

As a special treat, the SBTL also awards a High Husband and Wife Trophy for our married participants.

Lastly, at the Year-End Awards ceremony, the SBTL presents the coveted "1000 Bird Pins". Only participants that break 1000+ birds in the regular 1200 bird season will be awarded this pin.

Year-End Trophies will be earned according to the SBTL rules and distributed as follows:

High Over All
Handicap 26-27 yds, 24-25 yds, 22-23 yds, and 19-21 yds
Doubles AA, A, B, C, and D Classes
Singles AA, A, B, C, and D Classes
High Husband and Wife
High Team
Runner-up Team