FAQ: #8 - Teams

Another unique element of the SBTL is the team competition. All shooters are encouraged to select a team upon their first registration. While not required, participation at the team level is another exciting way for each participant to compete.

Any group of five (5) or more shooters can pay the annual team fee of $50.00 and form a team. Currently there are six (6) permanent teams that compete year-to-year. Five (5) teams represent each of the SBTL member clubs. There is one team, The Eagles, that has a long and rich history of competing in the SBTL.

At each tournament, the top five (5) members of a team, based on the aggregate of their three (3) event scores, are grouped together to produce an ad hoc team score. At the end of the season, each team's total score is calculated and the High and Runner-up teams each get a Year-End Award.