The SBTL Clubs

Each year since the 1960's, a select group of Northern California Gun Clubs come together to host the South Bay Trap League. These clubs vary in shape, size and facilities. Some are fancy and some are plain. Some clubs have all volunteer staffs and some staffs are paid. Some clubs have been around for ages and some are relatively new.

ALL the SBTL Clubs share a common vision:

A Love of the Sport of Trapshooting.

If the shooters are considered the heart and soul of the South Bay Trap League, then the Clubs must be considered the muscle. Each month during the SBTL season, the dedicated staffs and members of the gun clubs listed below come out to effectively and efficiently handle each tournament.

Every single SBTL Club is dedicated to providing the best possible shooter experience and we are honored to work with them each year.

The SBTL encourages all shooters to frequent and support our member clubs. We believe that every shooter can be sure that they will have a good experience.