FAQ: #7 - The SBTL Grand

Each year as a celebration of the SBTL shooting season, we throw

The South Bay Trap League Grand

The SBTL Grand is a very special tournament:

  • We shoot more handicap targets for this program.
  • The top twenty (20) or so shooters for the season are separated away from the rest of the shooters and compete for eight (8) trophies of their own.
  • Instead of 20 trophies there are 28 trophies for this tournament. This increases the chances that a regular shooter will win an award.
  • The trophies for this shoot are upgraded to Sterling Silver and are considered some of the most desirable in the state.
  • We always have a great dinner.
  • We give out our Year-End Awards.

Grand Program
50 16-Yard (Singles) Targets
100 Handicap Targets
25pr Doubles Targets

Grand Program Target Fees
$57.00 Adult Shooter
$52.00 Junior Shooter
$47.00 Junior w/o Doubles

Historically the SBTL provides Sterling Silver Coin Buckles from Cust-M-Bilt Buckles out of Yerington, NV as trophies for this special shoot. In addition, to the twenty (20) awards normally provided, there are eight (8) extra awards that are offered.

Specifically at The Grand, the top twenty (20) or so shooters are segregated away from the rest of shooters. They are not allowed to compete for the regular trophies but compete for eight (8) special trophies all on their own. This allows all other shooters a greater opportunity to win one of the special Sterling Silver Awards.

At the end of the day, we have a dinner (usually costs around $15.00 per person) where we give out all the Year-End Awards.