FAQ: #3 - Handicapping
Updates to Class and/or Yardage

The SBTL is unique in that we use a computer aided Classification and Yardage Handicapping System.

When a participant first registers to shoot with the SBTL, they are handicapped based on their experience. Once they shoot their first tournament, the computer takes over and automatically calculates the new Singles/Doubles Classifications and Handicap Yardage.

Unlike the way it works with most leagues, a shooter does not have to win an event to be reclassified. Classifications/Yardage will rise or fall depending on how well the participant shoots.

All shooters must check their classification and yardage at the beginning of each tournament. Depending on how the shooter last shot, an adjustment could have automatically been made to raise or lower the previously shot class or yardage.

It is particularly important to review one's Handicap Yardage. While Singles and Doubles Classifications only determine which trophy group the participant is competing with, shooting at a Handicap Yardage that is too short will result in disqualification and a Handicap score of zero.

Shooting at too long a yardage is interpreted to be the shooter's choice. SBTL rules state that such an election prevents the shooter from having a lower classification or yardage for the remainder of that season, regardless of the shooters average. A simple oversight could play havoc with the opportunity to win an award.

An in-depth explaination of the SBTL Handicapping System can be found by clicking here.

Scores for the CURRENT SEASON can be found by clicking here.